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Lodging : Nix Nax Bed & Breakfast

nix-naxNix Nax Bed & Breakfast is a rootsy island getaway. The owner’s and creators,  Domenica Higgins, an American born gypsy medicine woman, and Dicky Higgins,  a Jamaican born progressive dread, have built this place with creative character and charm.

The architecture is a mix of Spanish archways and verandas and Dicky’s rootsy artistic personal style. Inspiring quotes & art grace the walls and give the traveler something to ponder. The first floor hosts a preschool for the local children that Domenica founded with her Montessori training combined with her own free-thinking philosophy. Looking out at the sea, visible on the 3rd floor veranda, one can see cruise ships and small fishing boats throughout the day.

The accommodations are warm, comforting, and clean and the hosts welcome every traveler as if they are family.

Come be nurtured and inspired at Nix Nax.


Guests welcome year round!

Individual rates = $15/night. This rate is for hostel style rooms sharing with up to 4 other travelers.

Own room = $30/night. This rate is for couples or individuals seeking a private room.

All room rates include bathroom, kitchen, shared living room, Spanish verandas with hammocks and outdoor seating with views of the ocean and yard. This place is alive with the sound of Jamaican life. First floor is the home of a Montessori Kindergarden so be prepared to hear the laughter of children playing and learning. Or escape and walk 5 minutes to private bay or James Bond Beach and get away from it all.
Grocery store, restaurant, hair salon and internet cafe located right across the street.
Rates vary with extended stay guests: What can you pay and Dominica will work with you because that’s just the way she is. 😉

Please call Dominica @ 876-975-3364. Remember you are calling a 3rd world country, sometimes the phones are down or days are wet and connection is lost. Keep trying and she will answer sooner or later.
“Nix Nax hosted my women’s retreats for the past 5 years. I as well as everyone on my trip love the accommodations and the fact that we get to experience the real and authentic feel of the culture and community living of Jamaica. I far prefer this place over any other pop up tourist town”  —Dori Edwards

“We are the 3rd generation of Peace Corp workers that have held our annual weekend retreat at Nix Nax. It’s almost like when we get initiated down here the first secret our predecessors tell us about is Nix Nax. It’s a cherished get away!” —-Peace Corp worker